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Every week, the United States throws away enough glass to fill a 1,350-foot building. A single glass bottle takes 1 million years to decompose. At American Glass Mosaics, instead of that glass ending up in a landfill, it is brought to our raw materials storage facility and given a new and beautiful life.

First, the glass is treated to rid it of any dirt and original impurities. We then load it into a furnace where it is heated to 2500 degrees. Once the glass turns into a honey-like consistency, we mix in our proprietary color formulations to achieve the beautiful array of colors that define our collections. The glass is then poured into molds to form tiles of different sizes and shapes. Various finishes can be applied at this stage.

The glass moves by conveyor to an annealing kiln where it is brought down to room temperature through a carefully managed process that includes multiple temperature zones. This ensures that the temperature of the glass is reduced gradually so that the chemical bonds within the glass are stabilized to ensure reliable long term performance.

The glass is then available to mount on ready to install sheets.

As a domestic manufacturer located in the Midwest, we are able to provide rapid response and industry-leading turnaround time. We can easily make custom blends, accommodate any size order and offer customization options as desired.

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