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Amosaic – The New American Glass Mosaics

Launched in 2014, under the name American Glass Mosaics, Amosaic brings Italian glass making flair and tradition to the US market. Amosaic is the only high volume, 100% recycled glass mosaic tile manufacturer in the United States.

Our mission is to provide the highest quality glass mosaic tile in a vibrant array of colors to beautify spaces where our customers live, work and play. Our product provides an elegant main feature, focal point or enhancement to entrances, bathrooms and kitchens, swimming pools, spas and fountains within both residential and commercial applications.

Quick ship programs and custom blend options are offered when time is a factor and maximum design flexibility is desired to define a beautiful and unique space.

We are proud that our glass engineers have over 50 years of production experience utilizing Italian glass making techniques that have set the bar for quality, consistency and durability in the world of glass mosaic tile. From the chemistry of our glass to the consistency of our annealing process, our customers benefit not only from the visual beauty of the product but also from our process that results in reliable performance over time.